We do it with a smile on our faces!

I think it's important to feel joy when working and to be proud over my results.

IT shouldn't be an obstacle, but instead a tool that makes our every day easier.

I don't see problems - I see challenges that help us teach, grow and evolve.

Below you'll find a selection of what Calango IT can offer you.

Alvaro Blasques, VD.


Calango offer several services to meet not only your application needs but also other ones.
We can contribute with education and project management.

We have a strength in documentation that will help you keep delivering first class results even after we initially have done so.

With our many years of experience and with our broad knowledge we have the possibility to tailor a complete suite that fits your needs.

Client Platform Management



Windows 10



Documentation & Project management.

If you have a project that needs management we can offer you our broad experience in project management and extensive documentation skills.

With tools such as Confluence and Jira we offer the possibility to involve every part of your project, from start to finish.

The demand for user management and stream lined workspaces is greatly increasing.

Calango does not only have the knowledge to educate but also implement a quality enviroment from Microsoft with 365 and Intune.


Calango offer sales of both software and hardware.

To get the best hardware and software you need the best suppliers - we have them.

Maintenance and reinvestements.

If you need to migrate users to a new platform or even a new platform we can both lead and implement all parts of the project.

We also offer infrastructure for keycard systems, alarm and tele communication.


Calango has broad experience and we are proud over our earlier and on-going assignments.

There is no business or context we can't stay relevant in.

We value your brand as much as you do.

Let us fill in the blanks!


Define it.

Before any decisions is made and work starts we take stock of the customers IT enviroment and processes to find the most efficient solution for the need.

Documentation is a key part
of the experience.

Face it.

Openness is the key to respect and trust in cooperations. Possible flaws is brought to light and is not hidden.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Without flaws, no evolution.

Do it.

For us it's important to deliever a complete solution that our customer is satisfied with.

We won't stop until we are completely finished.

Check it.

On going checkpoints together with the customer where the status of the assignment, initial goal and finished tasks are quality assured is a basic part of the way we counduct ourselves

Kaizen it.

Continuous improvements through small changes yields major, positive results.


Constant improvement.

We apply the Kaizen philosophy to everything we do - internally and externally.
Everybody has the responsibility for improvements.

No process is perfect.

Continous improvements through small changes.
There is always room for improvement, innovation and evolution.


Find the source to problems by asking the question "Why?" at least five times.

There's an oil stan on the floor.


Because a machine is leaking oil.


Because the gaskets weren't good enough.



Because we went by price.

Because the gasket is broken.


We can help you by being an IT partner that understand your needs and that can create sustainable and efficient soultions for specifically your enviroment.

We do not only provide solutions,

we care for our customers and friends!